How to Copy Music from iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to Computer

By Andre Cooper on October 7, 2015 16:10:00 PM.

Have you met such an inconvenience that there is no way to transfer music from iPad back to computer? Are you fed up with iTunes, which doesn't allow an option to copy music from an iPad to a new computer? Apple, true to form, makes it simple to put media and files on your iDevice but the road really only goes one way. It can be pretty difficult to copy anything (or everything) back to your computer.

This iPad to PC Transfer Tool would help you, which can transfer a complete iPhone/iPod/ iPad library or any selection of songs, albums, artists or genres in just a few clicks.

Want to transfer music from any device to any computer or from any computer to any iOS device? Downlaod and have a try the iPad to PC Transfer Software to transfer selected songs from iPhone to computer without any hassle. Support iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, the new iPad which run in iOS 9, iOS 8, and iOS 7.

How to Transfer Music from iPad to Computer

Step 1Connect iPad to Computer to Copy iPad Music to PC

After downloading, install the iPad to computer music transfer tool on the computer. Then connect your device(s) via a USB cable(s) and open the program window.

Connect iPad Music to Computer Transfer

Step 2Transfer Music from iPhone to Windows PC or Mac

Click "Media" to enter the control panel window for music. From here, you're able to select wanted songs and click the inverted triangle for "Export to". In the drop-down list, choose "Export to My Computer".

Transfer iPad Music to Computer

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPad

For sure, iTunes is the top choice for users to transfer songs from computer to iPad. And it seems iPad users are trying to use iTunes to send songs to their iPads at the very begining. However, it is limited to one computer, which means if you trying to transfer music from another computer to your iPad, you'll lose your iPad data. This is what people don't like, because it is so hard for people who have more than one computer to enjoy music. If you happen in this kind of situations, you can transfer songs from computer to iPad without iTunes, but with the PC to iPad Transfer Tool.

Step 1 Get Your iPad Connected via a USB Cable

To get started, install this tool on your computer. After that, run it. Connect your iPad with the computer via the USB cable coming with your iPad.

Connect PC to iPad Music Transfer

Step 2Sync Music from PC to iPad

Click Media in the sidebar. And then in the Music window, click the triangle below Add to select Add File or Add Folder. If you're planing to pick somg pictures from your collection to your iPad, select Add File. When all your wanted songs are in a folder, click Add Folder. Next, click Open to transfer songs to your iPad. The progress will last a few seconds.

Transfer Music from PC to iPad

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