How to Transfer Videos, Movies from Mac to iPad

By Andre Cooper on October 7, 2015 10:20:00 AM.

"How can I copy my video from my Mac and send it to my new iPad mini via a cable or wireless?"

With the span-new iPad Pro and iPad Mini, you may like to watch wonderful videos like movies or TV Shows on your iPad as often as you want. If you have saved many amazing videos on your Mac and want to transfer some of them to your iPad to view anytime you want, you will need to read this post to know how to make it.

If you have any problem of syncing videos from Mac to iPad, you can navigate to the related part to learn how to solve the problems. Basically, there are 2 simple ways to transfer video from Mac to iPad.

How to Import Videos to iPad on Mac without iTunes

Here we will talk about how to transfer videos from Mac to iPad. As we all know that with iTunes, you're able to transfer videos from Mac to iPad, however, iTunes might erase the existed data on your iPad especially when you are syncing videos with a different iTunes library.

Sync iPad video on Mac with iTunes

If you are looking for an alternative to iTunes for copying videos and movies from Mac to iPad, or if you want another way to copy music, videos, photos, audiobook, podcast and more from Mac to your iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad mini, iPad with Retina display, The New iPad, iPad 2, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad without iTunes, this Mac to iPad Transfer Tool would be the best choice.

Download and have a try the professional iPad Video Transfer Tool. It supports the latest iOS 9 (also compatible with older iOS versions) and iTunes 12.

Step 1Download and launch the iPad Transfer on your Mac

You can download the free trial to see how it works to copy video from Mac to iPad. Run it and connect your iPad with your Mac via your iPad USB cable. In a second, you can see that your iPhone appear in the main window of Mac to iPad Video Transfer.

Step 2Import video from Mac to iPad via iPad Video Transfer

You can see there is a Movies tab in the sidebar. Click it to see the video control panel. Click Add button and in the pop up, browse your videos. Click Open to transfer videos from Mac to iPad directly. The whole process of transferring videos from Mac to iPad with Mac to iPad Transfer only takes a few seconds.

If the video you're transferring to your iPad is not supported by your iPad, then there is a pop up telling you to convert them first. Just click Convert. After the conversion, the video will be transferred to your iPad instantly.

import video from Mac to iPad

Sync Videos from Mac to iPad with iTunes

Apple's iPhone allows users to add and watch videos, including movies and television shows from their own collections, on the phone's display. Before transferring your videos from your Mac to your iPad, you must add the video files to your iTunes library. iTunes is an application that allows you manage your media library. Depends on how you plan to play it on the iPhone. Both following ways require iTunes and an iPad connected to it by cable or wireless. Below are steps on how to transfer videos from Mac to iPad.

Once you have added your videos to iTunes, you can sync videos from Mac to your iPad and watch them anywhere.

Step 1Connect your device to your Mac.

Connect your iPad to computer with cable that belongs to your iPad. Generally, iTunes will spontaneously open itself. If it fails to do so go to Applications >iTunes and open it.

Step 2Choose videos on iTunes to be transferred from Mac to iPad.

Click on Movies tab. Check Sync Movies and check the desired movie from your iTunes library.

If you use an app (such as VLC) to play it you will need to:

Step 1Connect your device to your Mac.

Open iTunes. Connect your device to your computer. Locate and click on your device.

Connect iPad to Computer to Transfer Video from Mac to iPad

Step 2Choose videos on iTunes to be transferred from Mac to iPad App.

Click on Apps tab. Scroll to File Sharing and select desired app from list. Press on Add.. button and select desire movie from file chooser dialog.

Import Video from iTunes Library on Mac to iPad

To avoid the risk of losing existing videos on iPad or a video failing to be transferred to your iPad. We recommend you use the exclusive Mac to iPad Video Transfer Tool.

More information about the iTunes Alternative -- Mac to iPhone Video Transfer:

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