How to Back up Your iPhone Without iTunes

By Andre Cooper on Dec 19, 2015 19:00:00 PM.

How can I backup iPhone files, including music, photos, and videos from my iPhone to PC? iTunes just refused to do anything like it syncs files to an iPhone. Please help. Thanks!

To ensure the security of your iPhone settings and files, you should backup your iPhone regularly. Once something goes wrong with your iPhone, you can easily restore your iPhone with the latest iPhone backup you've made. iTunes is really a good tool to manage iPhone data, while it also has drawbacks. You can't backup your data selectively.

Have you ever thought it possible to transfer all your files, contacts, text messages and phone logs without using iTunes from one device to another one? Or simply backup iPhone without using iTunes? The iPhone Backup Tool could help you.

One click to backup and restore your iPhone without iTunes

This program offers one of the best solutions to backup all of your stuff in a risk-free and time saving operation from phones with very different operating systems such as Android, Blackberry or Nokia (Symbian) phone directly to your PC. Perform a backup of your phone to your computer and restore the back up to any other supported device. iOSMate Phone Transfer also offers different additional services than just transferring files and date from phone to phone.

Step 1 Connect Your iPhone to Computer

After installation, launch this iPhone Backup tool on the computer. When its primary window shows up, select the Back Up Your iPhone mode and click it to move on.

Connect to iPhone backup tool

Step 2 Backup iPhone Contacts, Messages, Photos, Music, Calendar and Video without iTunes

Go to the middle of the window, choose content you want to backup. Then, click Start Copy. Then, the software will backup content on your iPhone to computer. When you lose data or get a new phone, you can retrieve the backup and transfer to it.

Backup iPhone in 1 click without iTunes

You could successfully backup all selected iPhone data to PC without using iTunes. That was really quick, wasn't it?!

TipsHow to Restore the contents to your iPhone or to a new Phone?

In the primary window, just select Restore from Backups. Then connect your phone to PC. You can connect another Mobile Phone to restore the backup contents to a new phone.

Restore from iPhone Backup

Just like when you did to back up your files, select the content to be restored from the drop-down menu in the middle section of the window. After you have selected the files needed, click on Start Copy.

Restore to Android or iPhone

This iPhone Backup Tool supports more than 3.000 different phones and different networks and works perfectly with Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE, and more mobile models. Additionally, the program allows to store permanently and securely deleted data from your phone, should you wish to sell or give away your phone to someone else.

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