How to Get Videos from iPhone onto My Computer

By Andre Cooper on October 1, 2015 18:25:00 PM.

"Im having trouble getting videos I have taken with my iphone 4 onto my laptop. I can only email a portion of them, as they are mostly quite long or else upload to youtube, which I dont want to do. I do have Itunes in sync with my iphone but have no idea how to get videos from the phone onto the computer."

One of the striking features of iPhone is the built-in Camera, which is great for HD video recording. It allows you to shot HD videos anywhere & any time. However, it could happen that one day, videos, photos, and other types of files will eat up the storage space on your phone. The videos you record or movies you download on your iPhone take the most part of the iPhone space. So transferring videos from your iPhone 6 or 6s to computer is not only a great option to free up space but also to make a backup.

When you're ready to transfer iPhone videos to your PC, you may find it is not quite as convenient like transferring files from USB storage to PC. This is just because Apple wants to preserve the copyright for the media supplier. On a Windows Computer the easiest way to import videos from your iPhone is to use Windows Explorer (Windows Vista and Window 7/8/10). But you can use this method to import videos captured using iPhone's built-in camera. You are not allowed to import videos synced from iTunes.

Alternatively, you can also use iPhone to PC Transfer Tool to export all types of videos/movies from iPhone to a PC without any limitations.

How to Transfer Videos From IPhone to Computer For Free

Step 1 Connect your iPhone to Computer

Connect iPhone to PC. If the AutoPlay window appears, click "Import Pictures and Videos" using Windows. This option will automatically transfer all the photos and videos on your device back to a folder on your PC.

Import iPhone video to PC

Step 2Import Photos from iPhone to PC

Find the video recording you want to transfer, then copy the video and paste it to your computer hard drive.

If some of your videos didn't import from your iPhone, you can either transfer the videos from iPhone to computer using Windows Explorer.

Copy iPhone videos to Computer

How to Transfer iPhone Videos to PC via iPhone Data Transfer Tool

Step 1Download and Install iPhone to Computer Transfer Tool

Download iPhone to Computer Transfer tool that is compatible with your system’s OS and run the program. It supports the latest iOS 9 (also compatible with older iOS versions) and iTunes 12.

Step 2Connect your iPhone to Computer

Connect your iPhone to computer using USB cables and launch the iPhone to PC Transfer tool. The software will recognize your iOS device and display it in the primary window alongside all the files on your iPhone.

Connect iPhone Video to Computer Transfer

Step 3Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer

On the main window of iPhone to Computer Transfer Tool you will see your iPhone at the top left with the list of folders of what it contains. Scroll across the folders up to Movies tab. Click on it and a list of your stored videos will appear on the screen. Select the movies you want to transfer and click Export at the top. Remember to identify the location to transfer items on your computer.

Export iPhone videos to PC

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