How to transfer data from Huawei to iPhone (iPhone 6S/Plus included)

By Andre Cooper on December 5, 2015 15:30:01 PM.

I had an old Huawei device that was getting just too slow for the kind of heavy usage I had. And, I had thought of buying a new phone, which then was a newly launched iOS device from Apple. Now, this being my first experience, changing to iOS from Android, it was difficult for me. Could you please help?

Most of the Huawei mobile devices run on Android platform and almost all of us already know that a native backup service is something that Android doesn’t offer yet. Now, one doesn’t think much about this unless you, like a lot of others, have just recently decided to switch from an Android mobile device to an iOS device.

Huawei to iPhone transfer

If you have lots of data to be transferred, we reccommend you to use this Huawei to iPhone Transfer (For Windows & For Mac). It can transfer over all of your data – including text messages, call logs, photos, music, videos, apps and more – with no risk or loss of quality between iPhones, Android devices, WinPhone and Nokia Symbian phones - all done in just one-click!

The following is a detailed tutorial about how to transfer files from Huawei to iPhones using Huawei to iPhone Transfer. Please download this useful tool on your Windows or Mac computer first before getting started for FREE.


Huawei to iPhone Transfer - Transfer Data from Huawei to iPhone Easily

Step 1Connect the Two Phones to Your PC or Mac

Connect both your Huawei and iPhone to your computer respectively with its USB cable. This software will detect your Huawei phone and iPhone automatically.

How to transfer from Huawei to iPhone

Step 2Transfer files from Huawei to iPhone

In the main window of Huawei to iPhone Transfer you can see that your two Phones are displayed side by side, with all the data that can be transferred checked. Phones should be displayed in the place of ‘Source’ and ‘Destination’, the data will transfer from ‘Source’ to ‘Destination’. To move everything from Huawei to iPhone, just check all files and click "Start Copy".

Tip: If you find that the phones are in the wrong place, simply click the ‘Flip’ button to correct them.

transfer from Huawei to iPhone

Backup and Restore your Huawei Device

You can also backup and restore your Huawei Phone with this phone transfer tool.

Connect your Huawei to computer with its USB cable. Click on the "Backup your phone" button in the homepage, which will take you to the backup mode as below. There will be a list of contents that you can backup from Huawei phone to computer, simply mark whichever you need and press "Start copy".

Backup Huawei to PC

Restoring files from computer to Huawei phone. Go to the homepage, click on the "Restore from Backups". Now, you have to select the backup file format from the drop down list and then you reach the restore mode as below. There will be a list of contents that you may choose to restore on your phone, simply mark whichever you want and press "Start copy".

Restore Huawei Devices

That's it! All your files will be moved from your old Android to new iPhone safely. It is compatible with devices on different OS such as Apple iOS, Android, WinPhone, Nokia Symbian and hence can be used with these devices as well. If you want to transfer content from Windows phone/Nokia Symbian/Android phone to iPhone, this Transfer will help as well. Download it for a try now!


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