How to Transfer Photos, Music, Video, Apps from iPad to iPhone

By Andre Cooper on December 5, 2015 18:38:00 PM.

iPad to iPhone transferLose your iPhone music by accident, but fortunately have all songs on your iPad? Purchase a brand-new iPhone 6s plus, and can't wait to import your iPad photos to it? Want to share fair-sounding songs between iPad and iPhone?

No matter what it is, it's not difficult to transfer music, videos, contacts, apps, photos and more from iPad (iOS 9 supported) to iPhone (iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus included).

If you have lots of data to be transferred, we reccommend you to use this iPad to iPhone Transfer (For Windows & For Mac). It can transfer over all of your data – including text messages, call logs, photos, music, videos, apps and more – with no risk or loss of quality between iOS devices. Most importantly, it is fast.

The following is a detailed tutorial about how to transfer files from iPad to iPhones using iPad to iPhone Transfer. The easy steps below tell you how to transfer music from iPad to iPhone 6s (Plus)/6 (Plus)/5/5s/5c/4S/4/3GS. Please download this useful tool on your Windows or Mac computer first before getting started for FREE.


iPad to iPhone Transfer - Transfer Data from iPad to iPhone Easily

Step 1Use the USB cables to connect your iPad and iPhone to computer

First of all, install and run iPad to iPhone Transfer on your computer. Run it. Then, the primary window appears. Click Phone to Phone Transfer. Use the USB cables to connect your iPad and iPhone to computer. By default, your iPad is shown on the left, and your iPhone on the right. If you'd like to change their places, you can click Flip.

When you have many unwanted content on your iPhone, you can check Clear data before copy. Or, let it alone.

connect iPad iPhone transfer

Step 2Transfer files from iPad to iPhone 6s (Plus)/6 (Plus)/5/5s/5c/4s/4/3GS

As you see, all data you can transfer are ticked. To transfer music, you need to uncheck the box before other contents. After that, click Start Copy to transfer iPad music to iPhone. Don't forget to keep your iPad and iPhone connected all the time.

transfer from iPad to iPhone

That's it! All your files will be moved from your iPad to iPhone safely. If you want to transfer content from Windows phone/Nokia Symbian phone/Android to iPhone, this Transfer will help as well. Download it for a try now!


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