Transfer Everything From Verizon to iPhone (iPhone 6S/Plus included)

By Andre Cooper on December 5, 2015 15:50:00 PM.

So I've had a Samsung Charge Android phone with Verizon, for about the past 16 months. For a number of reasons that I don't need to get into, I decided it was time to make a switch or two, and so I decided to buy an iPhone with AT&T. However what I didn't know is just how extremely limited my options would be in the area of transferring over contacts from my Verizon phone to an AT&T phone.

Verizon to iPhone transferDoes anybody know of any other simple way or any other apps that I can use to simply move my contacts from my Verizon phone to my new AT&T iPhone? If you're an Verizon user thinking about switching to AT&T iPhone, you may be concerned about the transfer process. Here we will explain how to move contacts, text messages, apps, photos, music, videos and more from Verizon to iPhone without losing everything.

The prevailing phone brands like Apple, Samsung, WinPhone, Nokia, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE, etc. are supported by Mobile Transfer for Mac, despite of the networks like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

If you have lots of data to be transferred, we reccommend you to use this Verizon to iPhone Transfer (For Windows & For Mac). It can transfer over all of your data – including text messages, call logs, photos, music, videos, apps and more – with no risk or loss of quality between iOS & Android devices. Most importantly, it is fast.

The following is a detailed tutorial about how to transfer files from Verizon to iPhones using Verizon to iPhone Transfer. Please download this useful tool on your Windows or Mac computer first before getting started for FREE. Both version fully supports iPhone 6s (Plus) 6 (Plus), iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c that run iOS 9/8/7/6/5.


Verizon to iPhone Transfer - Transfer Data from Verizon to iPhone Easily

Step 1Launch the program and connect your old Android phone and iPhone to Windows PC or Mac

First of all, launch the Verizon to iPhone Transfer tool after finishing the installation. Use USB cables to connect both the old Verizon phone and iPhone to the computer. This tool will scan them soon, then, you will see the two phones in the phone transfer window. If you have other files on iPhone, you can delete all of them to only save the content from the Verizon phone by ticking Clear data before copy. Make sure the contents are useless.

tranfer data from verizon to iphone

Step 2Transfer files from Verizon to iPhone or other iOS devices

In the main window of Verizon to iPhone Transfer you can see that your two Phones are displayed side by side, with all the data that can be transferred checked. To move everything from Verizon to iPhone, just check all files and click "Start Copy".

transfer from Verizon to iPhone

That's it! All your files will be moved from your old Verizon phone to new iPhone safely. If you want to transfer content from Windows phone/Nokia Symbian/Android phone to iPhone, this Transfer will help as well. Download it for a try now!


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